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Badass Black Girl vlog 

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Set in South Florida, Badass Black Girl (the vlog) is the uplifting vlog every Black woman needs to find comfort in the miracle within her own skin and conquer the world. It celebrates the beauty, strength, and vibrancy of Black women. Moving in a counter-current to the constant barrage of toxic media messages that degrade, dehumanize, and belittle Black women and girls, Badass Black Girl (the vlog) showcases successful leaders, their achievements, struggles and sisterhood. We’ve been through it all: dating, sex, marriage, divorce, children—all while building careers in the maelstrom surrounding us. We invite our viewers to fulfill their dreams for a badass future of their own design by learning how we got through it all. Join the provocative, unflinching, maybe uncomfortable, but definitely inspiring conversations focused on Blackness and womanhood.

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