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Latrice Fowler: Discipline for Personal and Spiritual Growth | The BABG Vlog

On this episode of Badass Black Girl, MJ talks with Latrice Fowler, a nonfiction writer who focuses on personal and spiritual development. They discuss her path to writing and why poor grades aren’t the best measure of future success. Latrice talks about the importance of discipline to her daily routine as a writer. They discuss her first book and how it came about, freewriting, and how prayer leads her writing process. Latrice talks about how her writing process helps her help others with limiting beliefs, and the importance of surrounding oneself with positivity. MJ asks Latrice which self-care techniques she utilizes in her daily life. Latrice talks about the 20-year period of depression she suffered through and how she found relief through therapy. MJ asks Latrice to offer advice for those who may be suffering from debilitating depression and who may have a hard time finding the help they need. You can find out more about Latrice on her website and on her audio blog, Blogshots, on audible. She also has a podcast titled Nonfiction Is My Lane (NFIML), and can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Latrice Fowler is an accomplished writer and self-published author in the personal and spiritual growth space. She has published 4 books and is a host of website-exclusive articles. In addition to her writing projects and writelife commitments, she’s the curator of an audio blog called Blogshots, an audible blog of spoken thought. She is also the host of a brand-new podcast that will officially launch in 2021, titled ”Nonfiction Is My Lane,” a podcast by and for writers in the nonfiction space.


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