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Readings and Workshops with M.J. Fievre

03.28.21 You Don't Have to Be Everything: Virtual reading with Diana Whitney and Joy Ladin (Sundog Poetry Center)

11.11.20 The Queens, Empresses, and First Ladies of Haiti (Miami Book Fair)

07.13.20 Badass Black Girl (South Florida Book Festival)

05.02.20 Saturday Matinees at The Fountain (The Fountain Theater)

03.07.20 Latin American and Caribbean Insights and (In)visibility (Miami Book Fair)

01.08.20 Five Minute Pieces (Books and Books, Suniland)

09.13.16 Write Your Book (Draft) in Seven Weeks with M.J. Fievre (Miami Book Fair)

10.12.13 All that Glitters (Books and Books, Coral Gables)

Reviews & Articles

02.11.21 10 Mejores libros sobre trabajo remoto que puedes leer (

02.09.21 In the Margins Book Awards Announced (School Library Journal)

02.05.21 13 Empowering Black History Month Books You Wish You Owned (

02.03.21 EP 11: I'm Happy to Bop Along (Worth Reading Wednesdays)

01.29.21 14 Must Read Books on Women's Rights (
10 books about teenage love (

12.01.20 Indie Best Award Winners (Shelf Unbound Magazine)

09.30.20 Mention of Black Brave Beautiful (Missy’s Product Reviews)

08.27.20 Back To School Gift Guide 2020 (Senior Outlook Today)

08.15.20 Badass Black Girl: Review (
6 Books To Help You (Really) Practice Self-Care (

n.d. Bingeable Books- Escape Into Fascinating Fiction! (Premier Guide Miami)
A Time Like This, Calls For Books Like These (Miss Black USA)

05.25.20 36 Best Books About Depression for Anyone Who Wants to Learn More About Mental Health (Good Housekeeping)

04.24.20 Here are 10 bingeable books to escape quarantine (AZ Big Media)
African-American Interest Young Readers' Titles, 2019–2020 (Publishers Weekly)

n.d. The Best Books on Depression (

11.04.19 Happy, Okay? by M.J. Fievre (Mom Egg Review)

07.05.18 Latina Reads: 12 Haitian Women Authors To Make Room For On Your Bookshelves

10.24.16 [Book Review] A Sky the Color of Chaos by M.J. Fievre (PANK Magazine)
Book Review: A Sky the Color of Chaos (Coal Hill Review)
A Review of A Sky the Color of Chaos by M.J. Fievre (The Literary Review)
The Horror of Haiti (South China Morning Post)
A Review of M.J. Fievre’s A Sky the Color of Chaos (Brevity Magazine)
Review: “A Sky the Color of Chaos“(At the Inkwell)
Review: “A Sky the Color of Chaos” by M.J. Fièvre (Miami Herald)
Review: M.J. Fievre’s A Sky the Color of Chaos Transports Readers on a Stirring Coming of Age Journey in Haiti (Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art)
12.11.15 Mention in  
The Millions: A Year in Reading: Jaquira Diaz (The Millions)
12.10.15 Review: 
On M.J. Fievre’s A Sky the Color of Chaos (Michigan Quarterly Review)
11.20.15 Blurb: 
Praise for A Sky the Color of Chaos

05.06.15 Why Noir, Why Now? Conversations on Haiti Noir with M.J. Fievre and Marie Ketsia Theodore-Pharel (Anthurium) PDF

04.23.15 Locals submit odes to Miami-Dade ZIP codes (Miami Herald)


03.20.21 Writing as a Form of Healing and Therapy (Fit for Joy)

02.10.21 M.J. Fievre: Q&A with Empowered Black Girl (Girls that Create)

02.09.21 Interview with author M.J. Fievre (Book Marketing Buzz)

02.08.21 Book Nook: Empowered Black Girl: Joyful Affirmations and Words of Resilience (Motherhood Moment)

01.31.21 M.J. Fievre on Her Incredible Decade-Spanning Career (Mango Publishing)

10.13.20 Prove Them Wrong (FranklinCovey)
Author, Writer, Editor, Educator & Community Builder (Seek the Joy Podcast)

03.11.20 Interview: M. J. Fievre (with Joanne C. Hillhouse)

02.18.20 MJ on the New Haitian Generation (Becon TV)
Q&As with M.J. Fievre (Deborah Kalb)
MJ Fievre, Haiti’s Most Beloved Author (Love University)

11.01.19 M.J. Fievre: Author, Poet, Editor (Inspicio)

03.14.19 From Haiti to the US: How M.J. Fievre is Making Waves Internationally (

2019 She’s Doing It: Stichiz Sits With Author M.J. Fièvre (
MJ Fievre Talks about Little Haiti (The Talk with James Pierre)

11.11.16 HAITIAN VOICES: Impact of Haitian Writers in Literature (South Florida PBS)

10.10.16 More than 1,000 Dead in Haiti (WNYC)
An Interview with M.J. Fievre (Sampsonia Way)
Episode 012: M.J. Fièvre (Read More Podcast)
Behind A Sky the Color of Chaos (Asterix Journal)
Writer to Writer: MJ Fievre (Girls’ Club)
Q&As with M.J. Fievre (Book Q&A with Deborah Kalb)
M.J. Fievre is on TV (MDC in the Haitian Community)
“A Sky the Color of Chaos” Tells the Story of a Haitian Childhood (Bust)
A Life of Beauty and Turmoil in Haiti (The Takeaway)
A Sky the Color of Chaos: An Interview with Author M.J. Fievre (Knight Foundation)
Exclusive Interview: M.J. Fievre (Color Magazine)
Haitian-American Author M.J. Fievre on her Recent Memoir, A Sky the Color of Chaos (Miami New Times)
The TNB Interview: MJ Fievre (The Nervous Breakdown)
Discovering Stories: Michele Jessica Fievre (Origins Journal)
MJ Fievre on the Only in Miami Show (audio)
MJ Fievre on the Marc Bernier Show (audio)

07.21.15 Episode 3: M.J. Fievre on Haiti, Memoir Writing, Publishing, and Work (The Wording Poet Radio Show)

2014 Why Noir, Why Now? Conversations on Haiti Noir with M.J. Fievre and Marie Ketsia Theodore-Pharel (Anthurium) PDF

10.06.13 Interview with Michèle Jessica Fièvre (University of Miami, Special Collection) 

06.13.13 Spotlight on M.J. Fievre, author (One Moore Book)

11.15.12 Introducing Book Fair Readers to Haiti (WLRN)

11.10.12 Talk with Lorna Owens (And the Women Gather)

06.24.12 Beautiful Views: M.J. Fievre (The Nervous Breakdown)

05.01.12 Michele Jessica Fievre: INNERview (Voices from Haiti)

11.20.10 Local Authors Cover It All Sunday at Book Fair (NBC Miami)

Cited in

02.09.21 Top 10 Tips To Be A Successful BLACK Parent Today | Episode 2 Part 1 (Melanin Mamas)
Books about black joy (The Tiny Bookstore)

01.13.21 Black Women, Be Kind to Yourselves in 2011 (The Silver Room)

07.17.20 Two Haitian-American Writers Will Loiseau And M.J. Fievre Feature In South Florida Book Festival (The Haitian Times)
In the moment: South Florida Book Festival features Black authors (South Florida Sun Sentinel)
Annual Little Haiti Book Festival Adapts During Pandemic (NBC Miami)
MDC’s 2019 Miami Book Fair Presents ReadCaribbean (
Little Haiti Book Festival has many stories to tell | Miami Herald

05.01.19 Little Haiti Book Festival Hosts A Number Of Entertaining Events (WJCT)
Summer 2019
Shades of Port-au-Prince: A Noir City (

07.12.18 Haitian-Americans In South Florida Reflect on Recent Riots In Haiti (

04.29.18 USA: la culture haïtienne à l’honneur à Little Haiti (Loop)

04.27.18 Little Haiti Book Fest Celebrates Miami's Vibrant Haitian Community (Miami New Times)

01.29.18 On Becoming a Writer (The Selkie)
Sleeping Dragons: Stories (Colorado Review)

05.27.17 Creole Language To Play Starring Role In Little Haiti Book Festival (WLRN)

05.24.17 Haitian band music was for men only — until these women came along (Miami Herald)

05.26.16 Our Favorite Books about Haiti (Miami Herald)

05.10.16 Poetry Press Week: Night Two (O, Miami blog)

04.23.16 O, Miami 2016 Coverage (Florida Book Review)

November 2015 Miami Book Fair International Blog (Florida Book Review)

11.15.15 Your Guide to the Miami Book Fair (The New Tropic)

04.23.15  Locals submit odes to Miami-Dade ZIP codes (Miami Herald)

03.04.14 19 Things Women Writers Are Sick Of Hearing (BuzzFeed)

2014 Visiting Writers & Artists -- 2014-15 (Writer’s Room at the Betsy)

2014 Nonfiction (The Florida Book Review)

08.29.13 Claire of the Sea Light: Edwidge Danticat's New Masterpiece (Miami New Times)

08.26.13 Miami Author Edwidge Danticat: "Claire of the Sea Light Is Not the Great Haitian Earthquake Novel" (Miami New Times) 

08.08.13 M.J. Fievre (University of Florida Digital Collections)

08.08.13 Edwidge Danticat: By the Book (New York Times Book Review)

11.20.10 Local Authors Cover It All Sunday at Book Fair (NBC Miami)

11.08.10 University alumna, professors will contribute to Miami Book Fair International (PantherNow, Florida International University)

01.10.11 Dark Tales Illuminate Haiti, Before and After Quake (New York Times)

11.21.10 Edwidge Danticat Talks Haiti’s Dark Side at the Book Fair (Beached Miami)

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