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Meet Dr. Solanges Vivens | The Badass Black Girl Vlog

In this episode of Badass Black Girl, MJ talks with Dr. Solanges Vivens, female entrepreneur and author about her book, Girls Can Move Mountains. They discuss her journey from factory worker to multi-million-dollar entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, and her struggle to adapt to life in the United States after immigrating to New York as a teenager from Haiti. They also talk about her relationships with the men in her life and how those relationships helped shape her journey. Dr. Vivens talks about the role that blessings, faith and luck played in her life. She gives advice to young entrepreneurs about how to manage relationships with others at work and what it means to be accountable to your employees. She also talks about how she pushed back against racism in the early 70s and found opportunity to advance when few opportunities were available to Black women. Finally, Dr. Vivens shares how and why she continues to mentor younger women and her remarkable goals for 2021.

Dr. Solanges Vivens is a visionary business leader who has been at the forefront of healthcare entrepreneurship for over 40 years. As a Haitian teenager, Dr. Vivens came to the United States and blazed a path through the field of nursing. In 1988, she formed Vital Management Team, Long Term Care, Inc. commonly referred to by its acronym VMT, Long Term Care, Inc. She based VMT on one simple idea, “commitment to quality” and she never wavered from this concept. Dr. Vivens earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Long Island University, progressing to a master’s degree in health services administration from Georgetown University. She received her doctoral degree in human letters from Voorhees College in Denmark, SC in May 2004. She is author of the book Girls Can Move Mountains.

You can find out more about Dr. Vivens’s remarkable book at: Girls Can Move Mountains: Rewriting the Rules of Female Entrepreneurship.

You can also follow Dr.Vivens on Instagram, through this link.


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