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Kereen Getten: When Life Gives You Mangoes

This week on Badass Black Girl, MJ and Nehemie talk to Kereen Getten about her debut novel, When Life Gives You Mangoes. They discuss the importance of forging connections with a culture of origin despite living in a diaspora. Kereen tells her "origin story" of how she knew she wanted to be a writer from a very young age, and talks about the challenges of promoting a book during a pandemic. They talk about a typical day in her life, her writing process, and why it's important to always write for yourself first.

Kereen is appearing at this year's Miami Book Fair Online and talks about the excitement of having a fangirl moment while on her panel.

Kereen Getten grew up in Jamaica where she would climb fruit trees in the family garden and eat as much mango, guinep and pear as she could without being caught. She now lives in Birmingham with her family and writes stories about her childhood experiences. When Life Gives You Mangoes is her debut novel. Visit her on Twitter @kereengetten or on Instagram @Kezywrites.

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