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Dr. LaTanya McQueen: When the Reckoning Comes

On this episode of Badass Black Girl, M.J. speaks with Writer and Professor Dr. LaTanya McQueen, author of the just released novel When the Reckoning Comes. MJ asks her what it’s like to live in Iowa, where the idea for her novel came from, and what it’s about. LaTanya talks about what it’s like to tour plantations in the South and the disconnect white people have from the Black experience. They talk about her journey to becoming a writer and what she read growing up. They also discuss her role models and the difficulties she’s faced in the writing life. LaTanya shares more about her collection of essays, And It Begins Like This, and the impetus for writing that book. She talks about her upcoming projects and offers advice for beginning writers.

Dr. LaTanya McQueen has an M.F.A. from Emerson College, a PhD from the University of Missouri, and was the Robert P. Dana Emerging Writer Fellow at Cornell College. She is an assistant professor of English and Creative Writing at Coe College in Iowa. She is the author of a collection of essays, And It Begins Like This and the novel, When the Reckoning Comes.


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