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Meet Regine Romain | The Badass Black Girl Vlog

In this new episode of Badass Black Girl, MJ and Mahalia speak with artist, educator and visual anthropologist Régine Romain about her coloring book Nou Pap Bliye, which transforms photographs of Haitian subjects taken after the 2010 earthquake into an interactive art form. They discuss her personal experience with Haiti and her roots as a Haitian artist, the importance of Black representation in coloring books and popular media, and her work as a race equity coach, in which she works to make sure that curricula in Public and private charter schools reflects the diversity of students. They also discuss the gift of time given by the pandemic quarantine. They are joined by Tiffani Gomez, Regine’s niece, and the artist who transformed her photographs into illustrations that can be colored, and discuss her journey as an artist, the purpose of artists and how story and representation of Haitians matters.

Régine Romain is a Haitian-American artist, educator, visual anthropologist, and racial equity coach living in Brooklyn, NY. With 20+ years of teaching, training, and supporting diverse communities, she uses photographs/film/performance as mixed-media educational tools to promote love, understanding and respect in addressing issues of race, representation, and justice through participatory and reflective learning practices. Through an extensive global network, she produces culturally transformative curricula, workshops, salons, performances, forums, exhibits/festivals, and tours. She is the founder of Urban PhotoPoets, Brooklyn Photo Salon and the Brooklyn to Benin projects.


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