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Meet Cassandre Thrasybule | The Badass Black Girl Vlog

In this episode of Badass Black Girl, MJ talks with Cassandre Thrasybule, a mother, documentary filmmaker, writer and journalist. They discuss her book, Overcoming the Dark Clouds, why she wrote it, how her children take an active role in her projects, and how everyone has the potential to be a healer. They also discuss her documentary films, and how they reflect her roots in the Haitian diaspora. MJ and Cassandre discuss the pandemic and how it is affecting her upcoming projects, and the importance of raising awareness about social issues to changing society as a whole.

Cassandre Thrasybule, a humanitarian by nature, is a journalist and film-documentary producer with an interest in philosophy, literature and sociology. Ms. Thrasybule's productions on society’s core issues have been awarded among others, the 2019 Tin medal by the Arts, Sciences and Lettres Academy, in Paris, France. Ms. Thrasybule is also a certified personal life coach. She is the author of Overcoming the Dark Clouds.

You can learn more about Cassandre Thrasybule at

You can also follow her on Instagram, right here.


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