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Destiny Henry: Career Secrets of an Expansion Editor | The BABG Blog

In this episode of Badass Black Girl, MJ and Jasmine talk with Destiny Henry, an expansion editor and the founder and creator of Alexandria Literary Services. They discuss how she balances editing with new motherhood. Jasmine asks about her daily process. They discuss her journey to editing full-time, what books she prefers to work on and which books she would turn away, and how she finds her clients. MJ asks her to give advice that she wished she knew when she was starting out to fledgling editors. Destiny discusses the importance of setting boundaries, knowing to ask for what you need out of a client, and the importance of being flexible with your parameters. She also discusses her editing process. You can find Destiny online on her website, you can email her at or you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Clubhouse.


Destiny Henry is a literary editor, mom, and founder of Alexandria Literary. As an expansion editor, she assists writers by providing suggestive changes, word management, coaching, and more. She helps her clients connect with their readers and find out where they want their story to go next.


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