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Brittany Conley: Black Girl Affirmed

In this episode of Badass Black Girl, M.J. talks with Brittany Conley, the founder and creator of Black Girl Affirmed, a blog and website that that provides affirmations and positive blog posts to edify Black women. They discuss what affirmations are and why they are used, along with how Brittany utilizes them. M.J. asks Brittany how the blog has changed her perceptions and helped her build community. Brittany talks about her role models and the lessons she’s learned from them. They discuss other physical and mental strategies for refocusing during trials and adversity. They also discussed her website and its online shop that carries products to help keep you grounded and to help you feel powerful.

Brittany Conley is the founder and creator of Black Girl Affirmed, a website and blog that provides resources for Black women and seeks to edify their daily lives with inspirational affirmations, positive blog posts, and products designed to uplift.


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