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Meet Celia Sorhaindo | The Badass Black Girl Vlog

In this episode of Badass Black Girl, MJ talks with Celia Sorhaindo, a writer from the Caribbean island of Dominica. They discuss her collection of poetry, Guabancex, about a Category 5 hurricane, the worst in recorded history, which struck the island of Dominica in 2018. They also talk about how she remained connected to her Caribbean roots while growing up in the UK, and the complicated issues that are attached to being part of the Caribbean diaspora, what she’s been up to since the pandemic struck, and the many different paths that writers take.

Celia A. Sorhaindo was born in Dominica. She left when she was eight, lived for many years in the UK and returned home in 2005. Her poems have been published in Caribbean journals and in the anthology, New Daughters of Africa. She has been long-listed for the UK National Poetry competition. She is the author of Guabancex.

To learn more about Celia A. Sorhaindo, visit her website at


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