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Alice Randall: Joy is Radical | The BABG Vlog

This week, on Badass Black Girl, M.J. talks with Alice Randall, an award-winning writer. They discuss her childhood in Detroit and the vibrant art scene of her youth. They also discuss her latest novel Black Bottom Saints and why she wrote her book. Alice explains why joy is radical and why she’s all about love. M.J. asks her where she gets her spectacular energy from, and the secrets of her success. They also discuss books that have impacted her, and Alice offers some tips for young writers. They round out the conversation by talking about the advantages and disadvantages of trying to interact with an audience during a pandemic.

Alice Randall is a Harvard-educated author of novels, including The Wind Done Gone, Pushkin and the Queen of Spades, Rebel Yell, and Ada's Rules. With her daughter, Caroline Randall Williams, she co-authored the acclaimed cookbook Soul Food Love which won the NAACP Image award and the young adult novel The Diary of B. B. Bright, Possible Princess, which received the Phillis Wheatley Award. A Professor and Writer-in-Residence at Vanderbilt University, Randall teaches courses on soul food, African-American children's literature, and African-American film.

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