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Dr. Francesca Fajinmi: Your Black Matters

On this episode of Badass Black Girl, M.J. speaks with Dr. Francesca Fajinmi, who has worked in corporate America in finance for more than 30 years. She was born in England, grew up in Nigeria, and emigrated to the United States, so she has a global perspective. She started her podcast, Reimagining Black Relations, after the murder of George Floyd and the global media coverage of the #BlackLivesMatter protests. M.J. asks Dr. Fajinmi what initially piqued her interest in mathematics and accounting and asks her about life lessons she picked up along the way. Dr. Fajinmi talks about the importance of speaking up and about the difficulties Black women face globally. M.J. asks her how she nourishes her intellect and which conversations Dr. Fajinmi most enjoyed on her podcast. Dr. Fajinmi also discusses colorism within Africa and the importance of having a contingency plan.

Dr. Francesca Fajinmi is a business practitioner and corporate executive with over three decades of experience in corporate finance. Her academic qualifications culminated in a doctoral degree in business from Walden University, where she specialized in International Business. She started the work on Your Black Matters, her website featuring her podcast and blog, as the host of Reimagining Black Relations podcast, where she engages leaders in business and social or spiritual settings to explore solutions to issues faced by Blacks. Her podcast is downloaded across all continents. You can listen to her here. In 2020, she convened a global conference themed Black Esteem—the first Black Affair hosted by Your Black Matters.


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