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Meet Melinda Michelle | The Badass Black Girl Vlog

In a new episode of Badass Black Girl, MJ talks with Melinda Michelle, spiritual warfare strategist and author of 23 books. They discuss her journey as a Christian writer and how she keeps her books exciting for her readers, as well as the struggles of writing. They talk about her work as a spiritual warfare strategy coach and what that means. MJ also asks her how she keeps her joy, and how to find your center when you are lost. This leads to a discussion about mindful prayer and reconciling with a heavenly father. Michelle also talks about the challenges of working through the pandemic and remaining optimistic.

Gwendolyn Melinda Michelle Evans (GMME) is a Florida native. She was born in Jacksonville and raised in Sanford. Graduating from the university on the highest of seven hills, Florida A&M University, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She also holds an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Accounting from American Intercontinental University. For nine years, she worked for financial institutions before deciding to step out on faith and write full time. She is the owner and founder of Global Multi Media Enterprises (GMME), a freelance writing, publishing, and media company. Melinda received the Author of the Year award by Divas on Fire Magazine in 2016. Her Chronicles of Warfare series won the Redemptive Fiction Award of Excellence by Radiax Press and “Saturday Showdown” was a nominee for Indie Book 2016 by Metamorph Publishing. Melinda’s stories are designed to connect with Christians, but it is her desire to connect to anyone who likes to read. Her stories are designed to captivate the reader with powerful testimonies about God. You may contact Melinda Michelle at


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