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Interview: Vanessa Nina, Miami-based Haitian-American Model

As a teenager wanting to pursue professional modeling (and having done more than a half a dozen photo shoots), Vanessa Nina went to a casting for a reality show, and disappointment set in. She was not among those selected. But the almond-eyed petite teen did not get discouraged. She need not be. Almost immediately, she was booked as a video model for a music video for rapper Lil Wayne called “Always Strapped”. From then on, it started to rain music video assignments on little Miss Vanessa Nina’s head, which was music to the ears of the aspiring nurse. And the assignments kept coming: Wale, Young Jeezy, Sean Garrett, JLS, Birdman, Jencarlos Canela. Even when playing aside other video models, Vanessa Nina is distinct, with her sensual, V-shaped upper lip, shapely body, and dreamy stare.

Vanessa Nina set a lot of men’s hearts into titter-patter when she appeared in the steamy video for the Haitian konpa band CaRiMi, playing the oh, faithful wife of a cruel husband whose running around her with a Jezebel for the band’s song “Mwen Dezole”.

The model recently graduated from nursing school, but she’s still a model with a business woman’s brain, thank you very much. “One of the goals I set for myself when I started modeling,” she affirms, “was to book a major print advertisement, and a commercial. I’m happy to say this year I booked a major commercial, for HTC cell phone company. I hope this year I can land that major print advertisement as well.”

One of the things that set Vanessa Nina apart from other video models, is that she treats video modeling as just that, a job that ends the minute she’s punched out. No late nighters with rappers and artists who need a little companionship for the night. Oh, and she keeps her personal life and off-music video set life to herself, giving short and cagey responses to just about every question she’s asked. Maybe it has to do with the upbringing of the New York-born, South Florida-dwelling resident, which she emphasizes was as Haitian as can be. “A lot of reading,” she remembers, describing her childhood. “Barely any playing outside with my friends. My parents were super strict.”

Her parent’s method has worked. Look at the end results of what they produced.


Tell us something about Ms. Vanessa Nina that we haven’t heard before. Aside from modeling, I’m really creative. I love graphic and web designing.

Do you have any counsel for other young women who are aspiring to do the same? Stay true to yourself!

Do you think dark-skinned girls have it bad in the modeling industry? No. Beauty is beauty, whether your white, black, brown, or yellow.

Have you ever had a stalker? Thankfully, no.

When you’re not modeling or going to school, what can you be seen doing? When I’m not modeling, or studying, I focus my energy on designing. I actually have a project I’m working on that I’ll be releasing soon!

What artist is your dream music video subject? My dream music video project would be an R&B artist. They portray women in a respectful way.

What’s the best thing about being Haitian? The food! The culture and the face people make when I tell them that I’m Haitian. It’s priceless.

Can an ugly girl be made to be beautiful? Depends on if she’s ugly on the outside or inside. You can alter the exterior, but the interior forever remains the same.

What makes a fabulous outfit? A outfit that compliments a woman’s body, and of course fabulous shoes!

What was the last thing that made you shed some serious tears? When I graduated from nursing school.

The man you will marry is somewhere out there. Give him instructions. Be prepared to be with someone who is ambitious, loving and intelligent. That’s not so hard!


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