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Comic Sans: Episode 5 - “Get Set…Go!”

In this episode, MJ enlists Hector to help her iron out the plot of the comic. Kevin explains that there are two different methods for writing a comic book. One is with a full script where everything is detailed for the artist in terms of dialogue, character background and what will be drawn. The other option is “Marvel style” where the artist is given a broad outline and has the freedom to be more creative. MJ has chosen to go with the full script and has completed a full synopsis of the comic book project. In the meantime, Logan has begun creating panels. The couple decide that it might be time to contact publishers with a proposal, which they basically have written. MJ contacts Juan and Kevin who agree to look at their proposal but cautions them that most publishers will not sign a comic book deal without a completed comic. Juan agrees to look at their proposal. We’ll find out what happens in Season 2.

Set in South Florida, Comic Sans is a comedic web series that chronicles the drama that ensues when a geeky Irish-American artist and a nerdy Haitian-American writer fall in love and enroll the help of their creative friends to break into the comic book world. Comic Sans is about a group of 30-somethings navigating love, work, money, art, and race. Season 1 guest stars an important number of local artists working with different forms—writing, visual arts, performing arts, body arts, and culinary arts. Think The Office meets The Guild. The first season will be five episodes long.

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