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Comic Sans: Episode 1 - Meet the Team

Comic Sans' first episode introduces the audience to Logan, an Irish-American hardcore gamer and professional artist who lives in South Florida. His hobbies include playing Magic: The Gathering and getting new tattoos. He’s a comic book collector with a degree in Computer Art and Animation. Along with Logan, we meet his two friends Lich and Skif. Together, the three men run Red Bandana Gaming, a podcast on Sound Cloud and YouTube which is dedicated to all things video games. We also meet MJ, a writer and writing coach, who self-published her first novel at 16, before embarking on a successful career in writing. MJ runs Happy, Okay?, a coaching service that allows her to teach other writers how to work their way through trauma as a means of managing anxiety and depression, which she has also struggled with. We learn that MJ and Logan met and connected through gaming and are planning to combine their talents to write a comic book together.

Bonus Episode 1!

MJ and Logan discuss their ideas for the comic with Lich and Skif. MJ wants a character-driven comic that will help readers through difficult times, while Logan is more interested in a superhero-driven comic with big scenic fights. They all discuss the limitations of working without a full team. They also discuss the growing comic book scene in South Florida and the increasing popularity of comics in academia, which was unheard of twenty years ago. The four of them talk about the increasing popularity of comic-inspired movies and how that has led to a renaissance for print comics. Logan and MJ talk about their favorite comics as kids. For Logan, it was Captain America, Wolverine, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For MJ, it was The Flash, Tin Tin, and, more recently, Harley Quinn and Mistique.


Set in South Florida, Comic Sans is a comedic web series that chronicles the drama that ensues when a geeky Irish-American artist and a nerdy Haitian-American writer fall in love and enroll the help of their creative friends to break into the comic book world. Comic Sans is about a group of 30-somethings navigating love, work, money, art, and race. Season 1 guest stars an important number of local artists working with different forms—writing, visual arts, performing arts, body arts, and culinary arts. Think The Office meets The Guild. The first season will be five episodes long.


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