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5 Badass Black Comic Book Characters

Representation is important in all aspects, whether it be books, music, art, or even comic books. We want to highlight some Badass Black female comic book characters that you should check out for the ultimate empowering experience.

1. Storm

Storm, whose real name is Ororo Munroe, is one of the first major Black female superheroes (who is still just as relevant). She’s one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men universe and even briefly served as the leader of the X-Men. Storm has created quite the legacy ever since her creation and debut in the Marvel universe and continues to be an integral character.

2. Monica Rambeau

Not many know of this amazing badass superhero (and if you do, we salute you). Monica is the first female Captain Marvel and, later, the first African American female avenger. A trailblazing woman of many “firsts” just like our foremothers, she represents the truth that women, especially Black women, can pave the way and be the first in many areas of life.

3. Vixen

Vixen is a superhero we think is badass yet underrated. Vixen, whose real name is Mari Jiwe McCabe, is known for her abilities to channel powers within the animal kingdom, whether the animals are extinct or not. She has a strong connection to her roots and is also an animal rights activist. Vixen is a hero we can all learn from as she teaches us to stay grounded and respect life in all its forms.

4. Bumblebee

Karen Beecher is known as the DC universe's first Black female superhero. She made her debut in 1976 and remains an iconic hero (who we hope gets her own movie one day!). She’s an ally to the teen titans and an incredible scientist (we love our Black STEM women) who shows us strength, resilience and not to be afraid to fight for what you believe in.

5. Nubia

Nubia is the sister of the Wonder Woman we all know and the current Queen of the Amazons. She is another foundational female Black character introduced by DC comics with her own incredible storyline that we encourage you to check out (we won’t give away any spoilers). We also hope she gets her own movie because she’s an icon and a feminist who shows us to be confident in our abilities.

For our comic book fans, we’d love to hear your thoughts on who your favorite Black female superhero is!


Minerve Jean is a Haitian-born storyteller who shares her poetry and writings unapologetically. She believes in the power of words and their ability to help and heal. Her debut book, For The Secrets That Gave Themselves Away, is an anthology of raw poetry where she uses words to paint pictures that will resonate with the human soul. She has also contributed pieces to Hercampus, Orange and Blue Magazine and MLNNYC. In her free time, she likes to snack on Avocado toast and curl up with a good book.


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