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Caught Between Loyalty and Ambition: The Double Life of a Teacher

A teacher's is torn between ambition and loyalty.

Hey MJ,

I'm in a bit of a professional and ethical quandary and could use some outside perspective. I'm a teacher, and my best friend, who is also my boss, encouraged me to apply for an administrative position at our school. I had some reservations but decided to go for it after he and other administrators insisted.

However, after applying, I was turned down for the admin role. They said that while they see me in an administrative capacity, the specific role I applied for was too paperwork-heavy for my skill set, which is more people-oriented. Instead, they offered me a different leadership position, which I've accepted.

Here's where my dilemma deepens: I'm still applying for admin jobs at other schools. I'm wondering if this makes me untrustworthy or dishonest. And if I do land an admin role elsewhere, does taking it after accepting this new position at my current school make me the bad guy?

I'm torn between loyalty to my current school and my own career aspirations. Any advice?

Thanks for your insight.



Dear Anonymous,

Your situation is one many professionals face: balancing loyalty to your current position with the pursuit of career growth. It's a normal part of professional life to seek opportunities that align with your career goals and aspirations.

Accepting the leadership role offered at your current school while continuing to apply for other admin positions doesn't make you untrustworthy or dishonest. It's a practical decision. You're taking a step forward in your career while keeping an eye on the ultimate goal. This is a common practice in any professional journey.

If you do receive an offer for an admin position elsewhere, it's not a betrayal to accept it. Career paths often involve moving between roles and institutions, especially in fields like education where growth sometimes means changing schools. It's understandable to want a role that fully aligns with your career aspirations and skill set.

When navigating this transition, clear and honest communication with your current school is key. If you decide to leave for a new opportunity, approach it professionally. Express gratitude for the opportunities they've provided and explain your decision as one focused on personal career growth.

I believe that pursuing your career goals is a sign of professional dedication, not disloyalty. It's about finding the right fit for your skills and ambitions.

Kenbe la,



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