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A Father Uncovers His Daughter's Secret Thoughts in Her Journal

A 12-year-old daughter's journal entries reveal complex feelings about her sexuality, family dynamics, and aggressive thoughts.

Hey MJ,

I'm in a bit of a tough spot and hoping for some advice that I can pass along to a friend. He's a single dad with a 12-year-old daughter. They're navigating their lives post-divorce, with both parents now in new relationships. He recently read his daughter's journal and found some concerning things.

First, she wrote about identifying as pansexual and having feelings for a friend who is transgender. She mentions dating and exchanging love letters with multiple classmates. Secondly, there's a lot of negative content. She expresses a strong dislike for her father and resentment toward her mother's partner's daughter, whom she refers to as "the b*tch." She even talks about wanting to harm that girl and vaguely mentions wanting someone dead.

My friend is heartbroken and desperate for guidance. He doesn’t know how to approach these issues with his daughter, especially the aggressive sentiments she's expressing. What steps should he take in this delicate and complex situation?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.


Dear Anonymous,

Your friend is facing a complex and sensitive situation with his 12-year-old daughter, especially after discovering her thoughts and feelings through her private journal. It's a delicate matter that requires thoughtful and careful handling.

First, it's imperative for your friend to address the issue of privacy. Reading his daughter's journal, while perhaps done out of concern, is a significant breach of her privacy and trust. He should apologize to her for this invasion and explain his intentions and concerns. This acknowledgment is crucial for rebuilding trust and opening a line of communication.

When it comes to her expressing her pansexuality and feelings toward a transgender friend, it's important for your friend to let his daughter know that he loves her unconditionally, regardless of her sexual orientation. Encouraging open and non-judgmental conversations about her feelings and identity can help her feel supported and understood.

The aggressive sentiments and negative feelings she expresses toward family members, including her father and her mother's partner's daughter, are concerning. Your friend should consider seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor who specializes in adolescent mental health. A therapist can provide a safe space for her to discuss these feelings and work through any underlying issues.

In the meantime, your friend can focus on strengthening his relationship with his daughter by spending quality time with her and showing genuine interest in her life and feelings. Regular, open communication is key. He should listen to her without judgment and reassure her that he's there to support her.

Regarding the family dynamics with her mother's partner's daughter, family therapy might be a useful avenue to explore. It can help address any underlying tension and improve the relationship between blended family members.

It's also important for your friend to be vigilant for any signs of depression, self-harm, or escalating aggressive thoughts in his daughter. If such signs are evident, immediate professional intervention is necessary.

Navigating these issues requires sensitivity, patience, and often the support of mental health professionals. By approaching the situation with understanding and care, your friend can provide the support his daughter needs during this challenging period.

Kenbe la,



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