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Race, Gender, and Representation on 11.23.19

11/23/2019 1:00 p.m.

Room 8301 (Bldg. 8, 3rd Floor) Miami Book Fair

Caribbean Writers: Race, Gender, and Representation with Edwidge Danticat, Kevin Adonis Browne, Candice Carty-Williams, Jaquira Diaz, M.J. Fievre.

Caribbean writers often occupy a space of hybridity, between worlds, so that they often engage with writing through the lenses of their perceived “otherness,” exploring the biases and inherited classifications, and the implications of writing from the margins. Edwidge Danticat (Haiti), Kevin Adonis Browne (Trinidad), Candice Carty-Williams (Jamaica), and Jaquira Diaz (Puerto-Rico) will consider how, even as they honor each other’s identities, they can transcend the limitations that such categorizations may seem to impose. They will comment on how their own perceptions and representations of gender, race or ethnicity may have changed in recent years, and what traces of micro-aggression, fragmented identity, collective guilt, and memory mean for writing. Moderated by M.J. Fievre (Haiti).


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