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Multi-Faceted Artist Nzingah Oniwosan On Her Jewelry Line

Nzingah Oniwosan is at the same time a dancer, dramatist, spoken-word artist, dancer, musician, and jewelry designer. Born in Miami to Haitian parents, her artistry is endless.

Her jewelry pieces seem to have a life of their own. They illuminate the plainest faces. The designer gave us a look behind her line.

How did you get started with jewelry making?

I always wanted to start a jewelry line tried to in 2003 but it didn’t catch. I wasn’t happy with what I was producing. The summer of 2008 due to an awesome partner, I was able to take the summer to focus on business and start the line. I wanted my line to be an extension of my work as a visual artist. Where the human form was my blank canvas. Before I knew it had a ton of pieces went to an event and almost completely sold out.

If you could describe the design line in three words, what would they be?

Eclectic Fashionable Artistry…Why because my pieces are diverse unique fashion statements that I personally see as works of art.

When a woman is putting an outfit together, what would you say is the most indispensable jewelry piece that they can don?

This is hard for me to answer because I grew up not wearing jewelry and presently am still not pierced. At first I wanted to say a necklace but I think a good pair of earrings can go long way…short hair, long hair, turtle neck, V-neck and so on. You can always rock a pair of earrings.

What goes into the day-to-day grind of a design professional?

Research. Sketching out designs. Creating designs. Mailing out orders. Updating website. Staying connected and relevant through social media. Accounting. Checking supplies ordering supplies.

You obviously have natural talent for what you do. Did you get any special training as well?

I took classes perfect my technique. I went on to be certified in art clay which is a special material use to create my jewelry. I intend to get more training and certifications, as it will allow me to create the designs I have sketched out.

Do ideas and the inspiration for new designs come to you easily?

I have my high and low moments. At this moment I have tons of ideas and inspiration it more about cranking them out .

Any pearls of wisdom you’d like to pass on to design entrepreneurs?

Do the research. Invest in yourself take the classes and training to ensure you are creating a quality product. Access your competition. Be clear on who you customer is. Most importantly create a line that is unique and one that you love.

What do you have planned next for your design career?

Shoes and bags. Stay tuned.


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