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MJ Fievre: Creating the Life You Crave | Postcards to the Universe Vlog

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Melissa Caprio’s Om Radio podcast Postcards to the Universe: Creating the Life You Crave. Melissa was a generous host and is a talented writer in her own right. She’s the author of Postcards to the Universe: Harness the Universe’s Power and Manifest Your Dreams, as well as a talented artist and photographer, blogger, radio host and all-around superhuman.

Her book is a brilliant example of why affirmations work. She combines photography and text in the book to teach her readers how to manifest their dreams by creating postcards to the universe, filled with intent and desire for specific things in life. Her book takes the law of attraction to another level and is friendly and accessible. Anyone can benefit from reading the book. It’s positive and uplifting, and GORGEOUS.

We talked for about an hour on her podcast about my journey as a writer, the books in the Badass Black Girl series. My newest book, Your Work from Home Life (co-written with Becca Anderson), the pressures and expectations that come with being a Black woman, and how it is difficult for a Black woman not to internalize the messages we receive from the media. But the conversation really clicked when we started talking about affirmations, and how they can manifest alternate realities. My book Empowered Black Girl: Joyful Affirmations and Words of Resilience is a book filled with affirmations, which is very similar to what Melissa aims to do with her Postcards to the Universe movement.

Melissa has really created more of a movement than just a book. She has a regular newsletter, a podcast, a blog, and she’s active on social media. To hear our conversation you can check it out here:, but be sure to check out Melissa’s website for more information about her and her amazing work.


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