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Meet Simone Kelly | The Badass Black Girl Vlog

In a new episode of Badass Black Girl, MJ talks with Simone Kelly, business and life coach, intuitive and author. They discuss her entry into coaching, and her journey as a writer. They also discuss what it means to be an intuitive and how everyone possesses the gift of intuition. Kelly talks about her writing process and the importance of finding a writing buddy to be accountable to. MJ and Kelly also explore the notion of past lives, dream interpretation and how the supernatural is natural.

Simone Kelly, CEO of Own Your Power® Communications, Inc., is an author, internet radio host & producer, holistic business, and intuitive life coach. Her previous books include a self-help book on marketing called, Jack of All Trades, Master of None? Her second book is a novel entitled At Second Glance that has set the stage for the smart and sexy Like A Fly on the Wall and Whispers from the Past, a two-book deal from William Morrow/Harper Collins.


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