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Isemylee Camille: The Chick With the Golden Voice

Isemylee Camille’s golden voice weaves effortlessly through the lyrics of Beyonce’s “Ave Maria”, and she is equally at ease in singing the pop lyrics of the song “Diamonds, originally sung by Rihanna. But what her fans truly appreciate are her original compositions, like “Love Me, Love Me”, which she recently released as a single.

Gospel is also the cup of tea of the Cite Soleil-born starlet (she immigrated to the USA at fifteen). Isemylee Camille sings songs like the inspirational “Pa Kriye” [Don’t Cry] with as much passion as she sings secular songs.

“Goodbye”, one of her compositions, bemoans the state of woman’s heart after a rather supermessy breakup, while her part in Zoe Desazter song “Confessin’” shows her tough, determined side.

How did you get your start in the music business? You know, it is kind of difficult to start in this music business. Well, I was doing my little cover in Youtube when Magic Star Entertainment discovered me and they decided to work with me

When did you first realize that you knew how to sing? Since I could talk, I used to sing with a brush in my hand. But I was only seven years old when I sung in Haiti in Delmas 17 [a street in Port-au-Prince] at the church of Pastor Jean Marie. And everyone was like, “Wow, a small little girl like that with a big voice.” That’s when I knew I really [had] it.

Were you in band or chorus in high school? Yes, I was in a band in my church; I used to to be the lead singer.

Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Brandy or Leona Lewis. Which one would you say has influenced you the most? I have to say Whitney Houston. She is totally outstanding; she was a true star. She had a natural voice. I really love her.

What’s your favorite song of hers? “I will always Love you”.

What’s so creative process like? It so happens that you write a great many of your own songs. Is it easy for you to find inspiration for them?  Yes, it is easy for me to find inspiration because I write songs based on true stories and what’s going on in my life or [in the lives of] people surrounding me.

How would you describe your musical style?  I am kinda put in a little zouk/pop/RnB/reggae—even rap. I do it all.

Do you feel obligated to represent women in a particular with your music?  I do—because in our Haitian community you don’t really see women doing it big; it is always the guys.

Is the music business as tough as some say it is?  Wow it is really hard than anyone can ever imagine that is why we musicians need a lot of support specially in the Haitian community.

Do you listen to konpa? Yes, I do. I love it.

What have you learned in the music business that you didn’t know when you first started? I’ve learned a lot, because I started fresh like from scratch. I did not really know anything about the music business but one of the thing I learned is that it’s hard and sometimes you won’t be able to take it because there is so much stress and pressure.

What would you like to say to all the aspiring singers out there?  I hope they keep up what they’re doing and I want them to believe in themselves and stay strong because as long as they believe in God and themselves they can make it anywhere.

“My Heart Will Go On” and “Ave Maria” are one of your most popular covers, and they show off your range. What do you do to protect your voice before and after performances? I usually drink warm water before my performances and it works for me and do a lot of vocal warm up before I go on stage after my performances I usually rest.

Turns out that you are a dancer as well.  Well, I am not the best dancer, but when I am on stage I move around. [Laughter]

Do your parents approve of your being a singer? Not really. You all know how Haitian parents are; they have a different set of values which is different from ours.

What’s next for you?  Right now I am working on a little EP for my fan trying to do some remixes to send them to Haiti. I am in the process of shooting two to four music videos. I am also kinda touring right, now because I am starting to do a lot of live performances and radio interviews. I hope everyone stay tuned in…And Shout out to Kreyolicious and thank you for giving me this interview. I needed that.


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