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"Get over it!" Do we, Black people, have a victim mindset?

Dear Badass Black Girl,

What do you think?

Black people are often accused of having a “victim mindset.” You might hear things like: “Slavery ended more than 150 years ago, when are you people going to get over it?” and, “Oh, every race has had slaves at some time in history. It’s not just Black folks.” Then there’s, “Did you know Africans were slave-owners before white people?” and, “Who do you think sold Black people to the whites? It was Africans selling off their own people.” It’s enough to make you want to throw things.

What do you think? Has a victim status become our collective identity? Or is there more to the history than just victimhood? Why is it important to remember that many Black people in the United States (and elsewhere) have a history with roots in slavery? How does that history impact you today?

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