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Former Miss Haiti Universe Sarodj Durocher Bertin Making Her Film Debut

Sarodj Durocher Bertin is one of this century’s overachievers. She is a beauty queen. She has her own foundation Sarodj for a Purpose. She is a calendar girl, most recently posing for the 2013 edition for what has become an annual treat for her fans, the Sarodj Bertin I Love Haiti calendar. The Port-au-Prince-born philanthropist managed to raise $60,000 from the sales of the last edition. Bertin is planning a vocational school to teach young Haitian trades, in addition to building an orphanage.

And let us not forget the fact that she got tapped by makeup brand the Maite Makeup Company to be one of the ambassadors of their brand. And now, Bertin is making her way in filmdom. She previously starred in director Angelo Rizzo’s movie The Voodoo’s List, but is now aiming for the U.S. film market, making her debut in that market in the Richard Widmack Belot film Everybody Cheats. The film produced by Nirva Balan and Even Flow, also stars Benz Antoine, along with a host of other talented thespians.

Q & A

Why do you think so many people are fascinated by you? And concerned with your every move?  I believe that people support and follow the ones whom they are able to identify with. Therefore, I’m honored to know that there is many lovely people that identify themselves with me and the things I’m doing.

Do you ever find yourself feeling the need to limit what the public knows about you?  Not really. However, I do believe that is always good to have a little bit of privacy, because any person need to know that they have a moment for their own.

At which point did you get approached about this movie?  I spent a couple of months talking to the director and the producers of the movie; they sent me the script and I liked the story! I think that it’s amazing and that everybody will enjoy it as much as we did it during it’s filming.

How did you prepare for this role?  By studying my script, and using my imagination as an actress to complete the life story of my role.

Any actors and actresses who you’d like to work with?  I admire many actors, but one actor I would love to work with is Will Smith… And an actress I would love to work with is Catherine Zeta Jones.

Are there actresses who you especially look up to? I admire many of them, but if I have to mention a couple of my favorites ones, then I have to say Catherine Zeta Jones and Julia Roberts.

What attracts you to a movie project? What attracts me in first place to any project is the story, then it comes the director and of course actors, because is very important to me to feel comfortable with the people I am going to work with.

What movies have you seen that have made an impression on you?  Well, I learn from every movie I watch. Sometimes I get very excited about the characters and actors’ performances. Movies like Hunger Games, ColombianaTaken, among others have made an impression on me lately.

What’s the latest with your foundation Sarodj for a Purpose?  I just received the donation of the land from a Haitian businessman name Henry Tevenin. Now we are working on the documents such as property title, etc., and hopefully, we will start building the home for children this year!

Do you think one day you’ll leave the law field and pursue acting full-time?  I think that law is and will always be part of me! Being a lawyer is part of who I am. Nevertheless, I am also passionate about acting. I love it and I want to learn more about it everyday, and definitely I want to work more in it!

You actually were crowned Reina Hispanoamericana in 2012. How was that experience?  It was a great experience, as I always say, “Everything that happens in our life should be used to grow as a person”. I feel honored by my new title and crown, and I will use it wisely to bring positivism to all the people who follow me and believe in me.

You are an attorney, you are also a former pageant queen, and you have a foundation, and now of course the acting bug has bit you. How do you manage to stay balanced, and now tear all your hair out? I like everything I do, so I enjoy it! That’s the reason why I never feel like tearing my hair! [Laughter]

What’s next for you as far as acting is concerned?  My new movie Everybody Cheats will be coming out in April 2013, so wait for it! I know you will love it.


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