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Entrepreneur Barbara Jacques Steps Out with Jacq’s Organics

Ever since Barbara Jacques can remember, holistic healing and natural products have been part of her life. Growing up in a Haitian household, her mother Marie-Gertha Rosan seemed to have a remedy for everything. A bruise, a scrape, a bump or blemish didn’t stand a chance against Barbara’s herbs and naturals-loving mom. Jacques probably didn’t imagine that years later, these remedies and homemade concoctions would be the basis of Jacq’s Organics, the herbal and organic company she founded.

As a matter of fact it was quite recently that Jacques developed a deeper appreciation for things organic. As an expectant mom, she began to educate herself about some of the products she was using, and among her findings was that the majority of personal care products—and alarmingly enough including baby care products on the market—had moisture-stripping and carcinogenic ingredients. Jacques knew the solution to this lay in her making her own bath and body products. Pretty soon, close friends and family members impressed by her self-made products and their effectiveness were requesting her lotions, soaps, and oil. Before Jacques knew it, she had an enthusiastic clientele that expanded far beyond her circle of friends and family members. Jacq’s Organics officially launched in March of 2012, with Jacques educating herself about entrepreneurship by attending workshops, business lectures, and watching video tutorials.

She discussed Jacq’s Organics with Kreyolicious.

Anything in particular about your background that helped the entrepreneur process along?  Yes. My grandmother and my mother were entrepreneurs. My childhood memories are of me and my sibling help grow and expand my mother’s business. However, I went to school for Communications and worked in retail, but I have always known that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. In addition to taking courses in small business management, marketing and public relations, I have more than 12 years of customer service and sales experience. In a customer based industry, customer service plays a vital role in any business. My sales, retail and management experience allows me to understanding what customers want and why they are buying. This of course is key to staying relevant and in demand in an ever changing and growing market.

A lot of people have gone cynical in terms of what’s organic or not. Does Jacq’s Organics take special measures to make certain that its products are wholly organic?  We take pride in making sure that our ingredients are sourced utilizing Fair Trade practices, ensuring fair living wages for our farmers. We also take pride in using sustainable oils. By supporting Jacq’s Organics, you are also supporting socially responsible, sustainable agriculture.

Of the products in your line, which has won over the most people?  Honestly, a product that is very popular has to be the Shea Butter Souffle/Moisturizer. It’s formulated with hand-picked essential oils and whipped to a soft velvety texture that is infectiously addictive. It renders amazing results both on the skin and in your hair.

No doubt, you are constantly thinking of new offerings to the product line, not to mention new innovations.  Yes, we are often thinking of new products to produce for our customers. We are currently working on a skin care line that includes face masks, toners, face serums and more. Since we have a lot of customers that have naturally thick curly or kinky hair we are also expanding our hair collection. I am excited and can’t wait to debut the new collection that also includes expanding our baby line as well.

More people would embrace living organically if they could afford it. My advice to anyone purchasing organic product is to read the labels and know what you are buying. Just because a product is labeled organic or natural does not mean that it is. Not all products are made the same and each essential oil has a purpose. Quality ingredients and quality products may cost but at least you know that you are paying for quality products that are safe.

Aloe juice and shea butter are the base of most of your products. Why? Aloe vera is a super plant and takes precedent over water mainly because of its amazing healing and moisturizing properties. While Shea Butter is a miracle moisturizer packed with vitamins and contains properties that protects and heals including free radicals, eczema, burns, psoriasis and many skin disorders. Formulating all our products using these base ingredients Shea Butter and Aloe juice ensures that each of our products are made with skin hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that every skin needs.

There are probably lots of people out there with ideas from everything to toys to new skin and hair products. As an entrepreneur, what advice do you have for them? My advice is to plan efficiently and do your homework when it comes to starting a business and research your industry. Creating a business plan is vital but also find a mentor that will guide and lead you in the right direction that has the experience in that field. Finally, be patient but continue to persevere. Nothing happens overnight but the reward is always worth the wait.

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