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Dial 5 NOW (because the reviews are in!)

To Accept, Dial 5 Now.

In this eavesdropping snippet of a jailhouse call, Silas gages the status of his relationship with his girlfriend Jackie. To Accept, Dial 5 Now (written by M.J. Fievre and directed by Gladys Ramirez) is a story about violence, jealousy and control, the choices we make, and the limits of love.

Actors include Chasity Hart as “Jackie” (left), Jovon SingaBoy Jacobs as “Silas” (top right), and Laura Pons as “Recording” (bottom right).

“This cast is wonderfully capable of being brutally honest and vulnerable while embodying the complex characters M.J. has created,” says Gladys Ramirez in an interview on the Knight Arts website.

“I’ve heard [MJ]’s play makes grown men well up in tears. Impressive for one act.” Jan Becker

P. Scott Cunningham (O, Miami) and M.J. Fievre (playwright)

This Thursday, MicroTheather Miami will present the one-act play from 8 pm to 11 pm in the courtyard inside the Spanish Cultural Center located at 1490 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132.

The French say, “Les paroles s’en vont, les écrits restent.” Here’s what some members of the audience had to say about the play:

“I loved it. […] So much. I was really impressed with the whole thing. Your play and the cool theater. Awesome night.” Andrea Askowitz

“MJ’s play is amazing, the actors are amazing, the setting is intimate. […] Everyone should go see this play. You will be moved.” Maureen Donnelly

“My very talented friend MJ has written an awesome play for Micro Theater Miami. I am so proud of her. Please come out next Thursday and watch it. It’s an awesome concept, in a very chill setting. Get off your recliner and support the arts.” Hector Duarte Jr.

"I was just at MJ Fievre’s micro play as a part of O, Miami Poetry Festival, and it was incredible. Much respect to the actors and MJ for putting together such a great moment." Joseph Lapin

“Everyone should go see this play. You will be moved.” Maureen Donnelly

From left to right: P. Scott Cunningham (O, Miami), Gladys Ramirez (director), and M.J. Fievre (playwright)

“I’ve heard [MJ]’s play makes grown men well up with tears. Impressive for one act.” Jan Becker

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