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Corhinn Brunot: An Interview with the Broadcasting Maven

Fans who followed petite broadcaster Corhinn Brunot once looked forward to hearing the vivacious voice on the Radio Mega radio station show “Chit Chat With Corhinn”. When Brunot’s unique style earned her a TV show—Chit Chat With Corhinn Unplugged—loyal viewers got served with a bit of classy sass. The Corhinn of the present is a popular blogger, who doesn’t mind speaking her mind about events in Miami involving Haitians. Not bad for a girl who moved to Florida, with little certainty of how things would come out. Brunot credits her friend Alex Sanon, for pulling her into broadcasting. Sanon was hosting a relationship show “Matters of the Heart”, and was looking for a foil as a co-host. He was convinced that Brunot would fit his style well. An employee of the station heard a segment featuring Brunot, and offered her her own show.

What Brunot’s followers like about her is her non-nonsense, fun style. But she’s got her own ideas about things. Here’s what the young radio maven had to say about her life in radio and blogging, and overall entrepreneurship.

Why do you think your show is so popular? The fact that the show took a life on its own makes me feel very proud but it’s really about connecting with people and I believe if I can do that, even if it impacts one person at a time, I would be satisfied..

Cathy Hughes is regarded by many as a radio pioneer. Do you look up to her? I’m not going to lie, actually no—I don’t. Radio wasn’t a dream of mine; it was just an opportunity that fell on my lap and I ran with it. My ultimate dream was to own my own company and I believe I have started my journey doing just that.

Do you see yourself more like a Wendy Williams? You know what I have heard this so many times it’s crazy hahaha…actually yes I love her personality, she is not afraid to tell you like it is and I happen to be the same way…so much that I get yelled at from my mom telling me “Toute verité n’est pa bonne a dire” [French for “Some truths are better off not being told”], yet in my mind I’m thinking, “Somebody better tell the truth before it goes too far.”

You’ve had so many guests on the show. Is there one that stands as your favorite? I would have to say the one on my recent segments “Following Corhinn Chronicles” on—the day I met Tanya Marie a celebrity stylist at the Funkshion Fashion Week. It was such a wonderful moment for me for meeting a big celebrity…but don’t tell anyone.[Laughter]

Do those wanting to have a future in radio still have a chance? I believe no matter what your dream is, you will achieve it. I don’t think radio will disappear anytime soon, but because of so many personalities out there that person has to make sure they really stand out.

Do you think that radio will become obsolete in decades to come? I don’t think so. Perhaps the shows will have to really step up their game to remain interesting, but radio will be here to stay. For example I used to listen to [Miami’s] Power 96 every morning when DJ Laz was there but the minute he left it’s never been the same—not that the morning show team is not doing a good job, but it has become so repetitive that I had to switch to Y-100—for shaaaaaaame. [Laughter]

Is broadcasting indispensable to a radio personality’s success? Um, yes…I guess. [Laughter] I mean then again with Blog Talk Radio people these days can become very popular without the help of the traditional route of broadcasting. You just need to be creative that’s all.

What’s next for Corhinn Brunot? Corhinn is doing huuuuuuge things at the moment! Watch out world!! I have decided to create my own company called The CCWC Network Corporation which encompasses not only any production that I am involved in, such as for example co-hosting the radio show “Chit Chat Nan Paradi” on Radio Paradis FM with Bogard; co-producing the very popular show “5 Sur 5 TV”, and also where small businesses can come to me and use our marketing services and utilize my connections. Moreover, I also own a woman’s club; too many times I have seen other women’s club prosper. Why? Because other nations have no reservations in sharing their resources. Why can’t our community have that also? So I took it upon myself to offer this opportunity to my community, where women can network, share their resources, learn from each other and grow financially and socially.


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