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Comic Sans: Episode 3 - Sobering Talks

This episode of Comic Sans opens with trouble. MJ and Logan tell Lich and Skif about the trouble they are having collaborating. MJ worries that their differences will place stress on their marriage. In addition to Red Bandana Gaming, Logan runs an artist’s guild and both he and MJ are worried they may have to give up some paying projects for the comic book, which they are financing independently. Kevin Joseph from Catch-All Comics and Juan Navarro from Creature Entertainment pay a visit. They tell Logan and MJ that collaboration is very much like a marriage, and that they will need to find ways to compromise if they are going to produce their comic. The foursome has a sobering chat about timelines and the road to publication. They also discuss different publication options, and the thrill of holding a completed comic book in your hand for the first time.

Episode 3, Part 2

In this episode, MJ and Logan dig deeper with Kevin and Juan into production specifics for their comic book They learn that the secret to finding a publisher is to have a following of readers, which will be a challenge for them since this is their first attempt at creating a comic. They discuss the comic book scene in South Florida and find out where all the fans hang out. Kevin advises the couple to keep communicating, not to rush the project and to view it as an adventure. They all discuss what makes a good story and the differences between Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy, and why one worked and the other didn’t. MJ worries about having to change her process to accommodate Logan, because she has years of writing under her belt and has a process that works for her.


Set in South Florida, Comic Sans is a comedic web series that chronicles the drama that ensues when a geeky Irish-American artist and a nerdy Haitian-American writer fall in love and enroll the help of their creative friends to break into the comic book world. Comic Sans is about a group of 30-somethings navigating love, work, money, art, and race. Season 1 guest stars an important number of local artists working with different forms—writing, visual arts, performing arts, body arts, and culinary arts. Think The Office meets The Guild. The first season will be five episodes long.


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