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Comic Sans: Episode 2 - “The Space and Time Continuum”

In this episode of Comic Sans, Logan tells the audience that he is currently working on a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Studies at FAU after a long hiatus from college. MJ explains the important role that comic books played during her tumultuous childhood in Haiti, and how reading comics led her into a career in writing. Logan discusses his favorite comic book characters and what appeals to him in a comic book character. The couple discuss storyboarding for their comic, and the challenges of producing a comic book without a large support team. Logan and MJ both worry about breaking into the comic world in their 30s, since so many comic books are produced by young up-and-coming artists. MJ also discusses her impostor syndrome, and how she worries about being pigeon-holed as a Black immigrant writer, but then she also explains that many popular comic writers are Black women. We meet Chasity Hart, MJ’s do-it-all assistant who has done research on the different options available to MJ and Logan for their first comic book. We meet Juan Navarro from Creature Entertainment who explains one-shots, anthologies, and mini-series. Chasity also explains that the couple could produce a graphic novel or web comic. We also meet Hector Duarte, Jr., a talented editor and short story writer who will be helping with the comic. Logan explains the time and work involved in creating a comic book and details the challenges the couple will face in producing a comic book quickly.

Bonus Episode 2!

Logan and MJ discuss some of the challenges of being a mixed race, multicultural couple with Lich and Skif and some of the discomfort of fitting into each other’s cultures with family. They also discuss some of the uncomfortable incidents they have experienced dining out as a couple.


Set in South Florida, Comic Sans is a comedic web series that chronicles the drama that ensues when a geeky Irish-American artist and a nerdy Haitian-American writer fall in love and enroll the help of their creative friends to break into the comic book world. Comic Sans is about a group of 30-somethings navigating love, work, money, art, and race. Season 1 guest stars an important number of local artists working with different forms—writing, visual arts, performing arts, body arts, and culinary arts. Think The Office meets The Guild. The first season will be five episodes long.


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