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7 Ways to Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when the nation goes pink to celebrate all who have survived breast cancer and to commemorate those who weren’t as fortunate in their battle. Statistics show 1 in 8 women (about 13%)[1] will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and African American women are 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than white women. Thus, efforts like annual mammograms, which contribute to early detection, are the key to greater hope for breast cancer survival.

While females are most often associated with breast cancer diagnoses, it’s important to note that males get breast cancer, too. Though male breast cancer is rare.

This October, BABG is encouraging you to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month by taking action and completing one or more of the 7 to-do items below to honor the cause that impacts hundreds of thousands of women and men each year and to ensure you’re doing your part in early detection.

1) Listen to a Survivor’s Story

One of the most important ways we honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month is by listening to

the stories of those who have experienced breast cancer—whether it’s a survivor telling their

personal story or a loved one telling the story of someone who lost their battle to breast cancer.

The stories of these individuals inspire strength, hope, empathy, compassion, and love, which

are all needed to fuel humanity. Their stories motivate the collective to keep fighting and


2) Get a Mammogram

Annual mammograms contribute to early detection, which is the key to hope for many

diagnosed with breast cancer. When detected early, breast cancer is easier to treat and beat.

National Mammography Day is the third Friday in the month of October, and falls on

October 15, 2021 this year. Acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year and

honor survivors and those currently fighting by getting a mammogram.

3) Wear Pink

Pink is the color of Breast Cancer Awareness. During the month of October, pink is a widely

recognized symbol that individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations use to show their

support for the cause. Sports teams even wear pink during sporting events to show their

support. To show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, wear the color as

often as you’d like in as many ways as you'd like—from pink clothing and ribbons pinned to

your personal items to pink face masks that allow you to show your support while helping limit

the spread of COVID during the pandemic.

4) Go Braless

Breast cancer negatively affects the breast tissue in the bodies of both females and males, and

to increase awareness and recognition, National No Bra Day originated in 2011. Annually,

the day occurs every Oct 13th, with the intent of raising awareness for the importance of breast

cancer screenings, symptoms, and self-examinations. Women are encouraged to leave their

bras at home and handle boob business instead!

5) Donate

Typically, when you hear the call to action to donate to a cause, you may think you’re being

asking to give money to charity. While it’s certainly helpful to donate your hard-earned cash to

monetary charities that support breast cancer, money isn’t the only currency needed to support

the cause. During the month of October, consider donating clothing to a chemo center, blood

and plasma to a blood bank, or even hair toward the creation of wigs for patients who lose

their hair during treatment. All of these items, in addition to money, go a long way during

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all year long.

6) Participate in a Walk/Run Event or Wellness Campaign

Oftentimes, when there’s a cause to support, businesses, organizations, and groups will

organize a walk/run event or wellness campaign to encourage screenings and mammograms.

Getting people together is a great way to spark conversation and to encourage individuals to

take ownership of their health to get ahead of any issues that may arise. During the month of

October, consider signing up to participate in a walk, run, or wellness campaign to

demonstrate your support for breast cancer and to raise awareness in your community and

social circles. Getting involved simply takes one step in the right direction.

7) Carve a Pink Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a national symbol for the fall season and the Halloween holiday during the month

of October. However, have you ever thought to paint an orange pumpkin pink in observance

of Breast Cancer Awareness Month? A small act sends a big message to all who see it,

reminding them that not only does October signal a change in seasons and give us a reason to

dress up and celebrate, but it also gives us a cause to support. Consider painting a pumpkin

pink on National Pumpkin Day, October 26, 2021, in observance of Breast Cancer

Awareness Month this year!

Whether you’re male, female, or non-binary, whether breast cancer hits close to home or you don’t know anyone who has ever experienced it, solidarity and supporting a cause such as breast cancer can be done in ways both big and small. How will you celebrate and commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year?


Meloni Capria is a Wisconsin native who currently resides in Texas with her wife, 10-year-old son, and their three pet Yorkies. Her professional background is in Secondary Education and English Language Arts and Reading. She currently serves in the role of Editorial Assistant at Mango Publishing Group and is a collaborative partner at DOPE Publishing. She enjoys writing, watching movies, and all things related to marriage, parenting, and family.



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