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5 Travel Influencers to Follow

For over a year, the pandemic and COVID-19 have put a damper on travel, both international and domestic. Business operations have been subject to sporadic changes, and social gathering restrictions have fluctuated as well. However, with the introduction of the COVID vaccine, the world is beginning to reopen again, and people are gearing up to take flight.

No matter if your preference is domestic or international travel, we’ve got a list of BABG globetrotters ready to inspire you to take that trip you had to cancel at the start of the pandemic OR a different one! Sis, now that outside is open, it’s time to pack a bag and enjoy a change of scenery [while taking the proper precautions, of course]!

1. Yves-Marie Exumé

A BABG favorite and former guest on the BABG vlog episode Traveling While Black from

Season 2, Episode 2, Yves-Marie Exumé is a world traveler we love. A native of Haiti,

she loves and captures everything architecture and street-art related. Follow Yves-Marie on

Instagram for more content here to see the sights she captures with her beloved traveling

companion, her Nikon camera.

2. Melanie Fuller

Melanie Fuller, affectionately known as the @traveling.auntie, is traveling proof that you

don’t have to be rich to travel well. She prides herself on curating luxurious yet affordable

travel options for individuals of all budgets—whether you’re looking for a quick getaway to

recharge or a vacation to truly explore, she is all about curating an experience you won’t

forget at a price you can’t deny! Follow Melanie for beautiful travel views and booking

deals and steals.

3. Annette Richmond

As a champion of body positivity, writing, and traveling, Annette Richmond is rewriting the

narrative of beauty standards and showcasing loud and proud in the realm of travel. Annette

is the founder of @fatgirlstraveling, which serves as a platform for “Fat Activism through the

travel lens.” Follow Annette for glimpses into travel that are all-inclusive in the glamour


4. Gabby Beckford

Gabby Beckford is the BABG traveler behind @packslight, and she isn’t only referring to

her carry-on baggage. Her lifestyle motto refers to packing light physically, emotionally, and

mentally to avoid bringing your past baggage with you on your present journey! Since her

first solo trip to Iceland at age 17, Gabby has been mentoring young travelers and

providing support to assist them with securing and navigating study-abroad opportunities.

Follow Gabby to see which country she’s in this month!

5. Kesi Irvin

If liberated was a person, it would surely be Kesi Irvin. She’s the BABG traveler behind

Instagram page @kesitoandfro and an Ivy Grad who quit Wall Street to travel the world

instead! Kesi has been traveling the world for more than 5 years and has traversed across

over 60 countries. Follow Kesi for a firsthand view at living on the wild side!

We hope these badass travelers inspire you to plan a well-deserved vacay sometime in the near future.


Meloni Capria is a Wisconsin native who currently resides in Texas with her wife, 10-year-old son, and their three pet Yorkies. Her professional background is in Secondary Education and English Language Arts and Reading. She currently serves in the role of Editorial Assistant at Mango Publishing Group and is a collaborative partner at DOPE Publishing. She enjoys writing, watching movies, and all things related to marriage, parenting, and family.


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