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5 Mother's Day Gifts for the Badass Mom in Your Life

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches on May 9, 2021, choose a gift that lets your mom know how much you love and appreciate her. Check out this list of badass gifts that won’t break the bank for the mom in your life!

For the mom with an insatiable sweet tooth, it doesn’t get any sweeter than a caramel apple gift set from Mrs Prindables. With 7 flavors to choose from, there’s a flavor for every mom. Mrs Prindables gift sets can also be ordered in a variety of quantities, so you can buy one or more! New customers can even subscribe to the site and save 10% on their first order. A Mother’s Day Caramel Apple Gift Set from Mrs Prindables is the perfect sweet treat for your mom!

For the mom who loves relaxing with a hot cup of tea, an assorted tea gift set of loose teas by VAHDAM is the perfect gift to pair with a decorative mug or teacup set. VAHDAM loose teas include 100% natural ingredients with a variety of quantities to choose from as well. This tea set is presented in a luxury gift box to ensure your mom feels like a queen while enjoying a nice cup of tea!

For the mom who loves creating tasty dishes in the kitchen, an infused truffle sauce by TRUFF is just the ingredient she needs to take her meals to the next level. TRUFF sauces provide a pinnacle experience for taste buds, with a line of products that includes truffle hot sauces, pasta sauces, oils, and mayonnaise. No matter your mom’s signature dish, TRUFF has a truffle sauce and/or oil to enhance its flavor. Surprise your mom with a secret weapon ingredient this Mother’s Day!

Every great mother learns from another, and Anna Tubbs’ book, The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation is the perfect gift and a must-read for the mom who draws her parenting inspiration from other mothers. As a mother and scholar, Tubbs writes an extraordinary book that tells the stories of the mothers of three of America’s greatest male leaders and societal influencers. While Tubbs’ book celebrates Black motherhood, consider gifting this timeless title to your mom in celebration of her motherhood.

For the mom who loves thoughtful and sentimental gifts, Mom, I Wrote a Book About You is the perfect gift by M.H. Clark that is sure to yield smiles, laughs, and maybe even tears from your mom. This book sparks reflection on and remembrance of the joys and growth motherhood has brought to her life and is a personalized keepsake she will treasure for years to come.

Additional Mother’s Day 2021 gifts to consider for your mom include these top titles from Mango Publishing Group: Oh Sis, You’re Pregnant by Shanicia Boswell, Minimalist Moms: Living and Parenting with Simplicity by Diane Boden, and Your Work From Home Life by M.J. Fievre and Becca Anderson.

While we know gift-giving isn’t every mom’s love language, we hope this Badass Black Girl gift guide for Mother’s Day 2021 leaves a lasting impression and puts a smile on the face of the badass mom in your life!


Meloni Capria is a Wisconsin native who currently resides in Texas with her wife, 10-year-old son, and their three pet Yorkies. Her professional background is in Secondary Education and English Language Arts and Reading. She currently serves in the role of Editorial Assistant at Mango Publishing Group and is a collaborative partner at DOPE Publishing. She enjoys writing, watching movies, and all things related to marriage, parenting, and family.


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