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5 Black-Owned Products You Need To Try This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. With it comes sun, sand, and sea. With the sun’s rays in full swing, it’s important to understand that we have to protect our melanin and look good doing it! We’re bringing you five Black-owned brands that’ll help you step into your best summer vibe.

An amazing sunscreen brand that caters to melanated women. Black Girl Sunscreen (BGS) was launched in 2016 by Shontay Lundy. She created the brand to help women protect their skin while also preventing the typical white cast that sunscreens can cause. Formulated with natural ingredients, BGS caught the eye of both Target and Ulta, both of which welcomed the brand to their shelves.

Latched and Hooked Beauty is 100% women-owned and black-owned. They offer non-toxic hair made from synthetic fiber for women who opt for protective styling. The face behind the brand, Tiffini Gatlin, is a former bank executive who pioneered pre-curled and looped synthetic hair, turning it into an affordable brand that offers a variety of hairstyles for that summer slay.

Do you have the wanderlust bug? This summer, if you plan to (safely) travel in style, look no further than The Takeoff Collection. Brought to life by world traveler, mother and journalist Imani Bashir, this line of travel luggage is stylish, waterproof, and easy to carry. Aimed at family travelers with children, you can take your little ones with you on your next jet-setting adventure. If you opt to travel solo, The Takeoff Collection can also offer the perfect luggage for you.

Created by Elisa Johnson, the daughter of Magic Johnson, this brand offers fashionable eyewear for all occasions. We all talk about the importance of protecting our skin, but we never talk about our eyes. With summer in full swing, finding a great pair of shades (or several) is a must for the summer sun. It’s recommended to look for eyewear that offers both UVA and UVB protection.

Summer is all about bathing suits and the beach. This Black-owned brand offers every style for every (beachy) occasion. The brand offers beautifully handmade styles for both men and women. Vibrant and fun, these styles are creatively named after a specific city or country in mind as the design inspiration centers on travel. The VVS will be taking summer over so your fashion-forward eye should check them out.

There are so many things to consider when prepping for summer style. We’ve covered skin and eye protection, hair, clothes, and even luggage!

What are some of your favorite summer brands?


Minerve Jean is a Haitian-born storyteller who shares her poetry and writings unapologetically. She believes in the power of words and their ability to help and heal. Her debut book, For The Secrets That Gave Themselves Away, is an anthology of raw poetry where she uses words to paint pictures that will resonate with the human soul. She has also contributed pieces to Hercampus, Orange and Blue Magazine and MLNNYC. In her free time, she likes to snack on Avocado toast and curl up with a good book.


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