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5 Black Artists That You Need to Check Out

Here at Badass Black Girl, we encourage and value the arts—from creative writing and poetry to photography and art. This week, we want to highlight 5 talented Black artists that you should check out.

Lina is a Liberian-British conceptual artist, painter, and performance artist. She takes several approaches to her art by fusing ancient and contemporary art forms while weaving painting, sculpture, and photography into beautifully majestic works of art that contain flecks of gold leaf.

Amy Sherald is a Baltimore-based contemporary artist who specializes in Black women, children, and men who face injustices. She received her MFA in Painting from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2004. She was the first African American woman to complete a presidential portrait for the Smithsonian Institution and is known for painting the official portrait of former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Bisa Butler is an artist who specializes in fiber art. Her art style fuses Black historical figures with vibrant colors. Butler’s aim is to modernize and bring these figures back to life. From Josephine Baker to Jackie Robinson, she illuminates both their historical significance and their life, telling their stories in an artistic way that enables their historical contributions to be seen in a new light.

Delita Martin is an artist currently based in Huffman, Texas. She received a BFA in drawing from Texas Southern University and an MFA in printmaking from Purdue University. Her art depicts the marginalization of Black women throughout history and uses signs and symbols to celebrate Black women and highlight their beauty and strength.

Ingrid Pollard is a British-based artist who utilizes the power of photography to explore the intersection of being both British and Black through the use of landscapes and profits. Her work is included in numerous collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum.

We’ve listed some of our favorite Black artists who we hope you check out. Who are some of your favorite Black artists?


Minerve Jean is a Haitian-born storyteller who shares her poetry and writings unapologetically. She believes in the power of words and their ability to help and heal. Her debut book, For The Secrets That Gave Themselves Away, is an anthology of raw poetry where she uses words to paint pictures that will resonate with the human soul. She has also contributed pieces to Hercampus, Orange and Blue Magazine and MLNNNYC. In her free time, she likes to snack on Avocado toast and curl up with a good book.


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