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Black Girls

Black Women

embracing their

inner power

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"We are finding, reclaiming, asserting our voices, inspiring others, and changing the way the world thinks about Black girls and Black women. We are breaking free of cultural limitations and the (un)conscious biases that sometimes keep us from the transgressive act of sharing honestly our lived and inherited experiences."
M.J. Fievre, author of the Badass Black Girl books


“[Badass Black Girl] gives every girl her own set of black pearls of wisdom.”
Marie Ketsia Theodore-Pharel, author of Beauty Walks in Nature


Unfolding, because we highlight one writer at a time.

Consider this a space for disruption, a space for discussion, a space for reflection. We seek quality writing (and art) filled with surprise, mystery, and structural and emotional intricacy.


Our mission is to publish new Black talents, badass Black girls (and women) of all ages and walks of life, and to highlight established Black writers. We give space to the voices of this generation and acknowledge the vibrant legacy of our foremothers.


We’re a reflection of our Badass Black Writers.

Whimsical. Eclectic. Talented, and Unapologetic.


Unfolding offers a myriad of rich and captivating storytelling experiences such as journals, poems, interviews, short stories, personal essays, articles, or one-act plays; occasionally we feature profiles of extraordinary individuals, because if we think someone is great, we want you to know about them too. We explore various post-colonial themes, with topics ranging from family turmoil and personal struggles, to political and social warfare. 


Whimsical, yes. But make no mistake, we’re serious about the quality of the work we showcase. 


Thank you for being part of this growing, diverse community.


“In an era when Black girls are bombarded with negative stereotypes on traditional and social media platforms, Badass Black Girl offers welcome advice to Black girls to embrace their individuality and to develop positive mental and body images.”
Geoffrey Philp, author of Garvey’s Ghost





“Protecting our young Black women and femme-identifying youth is so important―M.J. Fievre lays this out with grace, care, and the most powerful love in the phenomenal Badass Black Girl. So often, our society tells us that we’re so strong, so resilient, so able to fix everyone else’s world―this book reveals the truth: Black women/femme-identifying people are just as tender, just as in need of affirmation and praise, just as worthy of an embrace from self and from those around us. This book is a celebration, an affirmation, a history text, a little bit of memoir, and an exuberant prayer for the prosperity of Black women.”
Ashley M. Jones, author of Magic City Gospel

“Badass Black Girl is the big hug you need. M.J. Fievre’s newest work is a glorious love letter to the Black women who have shaped and loved us, to our griots and groundbreakers. Within these pages, Fievre celebrates Black girls in all of their power, vulnerability, and beauty and offers instructions for self-love, taking responsibility, creating art, and expressing gratitude. I wish I had this book when I was younger, and I’m happy I have it now.”
Jennifer Maritza McCauley, author of SCAR ON/SCAR OFF

“You'll come away from Badass Black Girl feeling as if you've known the author your entire life, and it's a rare feat for any writer. M.J. Fievre is the best friend, the confidante everyone yearns for.”
Michael Reid, "Mike, the Poet," author of Dear Woman and The Boyfriend Book


Badass Black Girl (the vlog) is the uplifting vlog every Black woman needs to find comfort in the miracle within her own skin and conquer the world. It celebrates the beauty, strength, and vibrancy of Black women. Moving in a counter-current to the constant barrage of toxic media messages that degrade, dehumanize, and belittle Black women and girls, Badass Black Girl (the vlog) showcases successful leaders, their achievements, struggles and sisterhood.


We’ve been through it all: dating, sex, marriage, divorce, children—all while building careers in the maelstrom surrounding us. We invite our viewers to fulfill their dreams for a badass future of their own design by learning how we got through it all. Join the provocative, unflinching, maybe uncomfortable, but definitely inspiring conversations focused on Blackness and womanhood.



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