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M.J. Fievre is available for all types of speaking and moderating engagements such as keynotes, panel discussions, round tables and workshop sessions. Happy, Okay? can customize an engagement to fit the needs of your event and audience.

Schedule a Happy, Okay? Workshop, online or in person. Rewrite your life. Learn to use writing to overcome anxiety, defeat depression, and gain BOSS-LEVEL confidence. The Happy, Okay? Workshop teaches creative strategies through writing to create a calmer, happier life for yourself. We are going to write, and bare our vulnerabilities, and heal together.

In this workshop, you will:

  1. Complete specific, targeted exercises to direct your creative mind and imagination in a positive way;

  2. Learn writing techniques to derail anxious and intrusive thoughts that hold you back:

  3. Write about the people in your life in ways that promote calm rather than reinforce worry or anger:

  4. Discover the power of your writing voice and how to use it for personal empowerment;

  5. Write and rewrite the best parts of your life for greater happiness.

In this workshop, participants use poetry and journaling to find deeper self-acceptance and emerge with a clearer sense of identity and purpose. They learn to view their history from a new perspective—one that is healing, confirming, and empowering.

Other Engagement Types

Recent engagements have included:

  • Conference keynotes

  • Panel discussions and moderated sessions

  • Professional writing workshops and webinars

  • School visits

M.J. Fievre is the author of Happy, Okay? Poems about Anxiety, Depression, Hope, and Survival (Books & Books Press, 2019). She helps others write their way through trauma, build community and create social change. She works with veterans, disenfranchised youth, cancer patients and survivors, victims of domestic and sexual violence, minorities, the elderly, those with chronic illness or going through transition and any underserved population in need of writing as a form of therapy—even if they don’t realize that they need writing or therapy. Contact MJ @ 954-391-3398 or


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