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Too Young for a Training Bra? A Mother's Dilemma with Her 7-Year-Old's Development

This mother is contemplating the right time for a training bra, seeking advice on how to handle her 7-year-old daughter's developing body.

Hey MJ,

I'm hoping to get some advice. My 7-year-old daughter is, let's say, a bit "fluffy," and it's starting to look like she might need a training bra. I'm wondering if it's too early to introduce her to one.

I'm a bit unsure about the right time for this transition. Is seven years old too young for a training bra, or should I go ahead considering her physical development? I want to make sure I'm handling this in the best way for her comfort and confidence.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Dear Anonymous,

Navigating your daughter's early developmental changes, like considering a training bra, is a significant step in her growth. The key here is to focus on her comfort and the physical changes she's experiencing, rather than on her age alone.

Given your daughter's development at age 7, if you notice signs that she might be feeling self-conscious or physically uncomfortable, especially during activities like sports or play, it may be appropriate to introduce a training bra. This decision should be based on her specific needs and comfort level. The "right time" varies greatly among children, as each child's body develops differently.

When choosing a training bra, prioritize comfort and fit. Opt for soft, stretchy materials with minimal structure. Avoid underwires or restrictive designs. The goal is to provide gentle support and coverage, ensuring she feels comfortable and confident in her growing body.

Introducing a training bra is also an excellent opportunity to have open, positive conversations about the changes happening in her body. Approach these talks with a reassuring and factual tone, emphasizing that these changes are a normal part of growing up. This helps in fostering a healthy body image and self-confidence from a young age.

Your approach to this transition can significantly influence her perception of her body and development. By handling this step with care, understanding, and open communication, you're setting a positive foundation for her to embrace her body and its changes with confidence and ease.

Kenbe la,



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