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Sarodj Bertin is Widening Her Brand

Former Miss Haiti Universe Sarodj Durocher Bertin won’t disappear from the spotlight anytime soon. Bertin is widening her wings, and recently signed a deal with Miami-based Maite Makeup company. It was only a matter of time before the almond-eyed beauty would get snatched by a cosmetic company. Sarodj has her own collection with the cosmetic company. We discussed the line and her future as an entrepreneur.

What does this deal mean to you?  It is a project we worked on together, with the Maite Makeup Company, and it is so pleasant to see it come true.

Out of all the cosmetic companies that have approached you, why did you choose to go with Maite?  I chose the Maite Makeup Company because Maite and Luisa—the owners of the company—are young women fighting for their dreams, and I wanted to support them. Besides, when I tried the entire collection I loved it, the good quality, nice pack[aging], and beautiful colors.

Can makeup make a girl look beautiful?  No, I believe all of us have beauty, and makeup helps us show that beauty, but if you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful.

How do you care for your skin when you have been wearing makeup? I make sure I remove all the makeup with a cleansing soft scrub and then use a conditioning cream for the face. Daily I use sunblock on my face and neck and drink a lot of water.

What’s your favorite piece in the Maite collection?  My favorite piece from the collection Sarodj by Maite Makeup Company, the name of the lipstick is: I Love Haiti.

Do you have a special regimen that you follow, in terms of exercise and the like?  I work out 3 to 4 times a week, I do cardio from 30 to 45 minutes, and I try not to eat carbs, after 6 pm.

You’re quite the businesswoman. Can we hope to get a Sarodj Bertin clothing line? Or perhaps your own line of cosmetics down the road?  Well, I can tell you that soon you will see Sarodj in other things! But, it’s a surprise. Can’t tell you right now what it’s going to be! Haha.

Do you have any special beauty tips to share with the ladies out there?  I like using really organic things for beauty, one of them is Aloe Vera. I use it as a mask for the face, every 3 months. I use brown sugar with honey for a body scrub. I put some almond oil into my daily body cream. And I drink tea [tea] every day.

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