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Miami Book Fair International: Haiti Noir, the Classics

Jan Becker, on The Florida Book Review:

Sunday, Nov. 24, 1:05 PM

I stopped at the Akashic Books booth to see MJ Fievre who was signing their anthology Haiti Noir. That’s when I spied Edwidge Danticat, in the back of the booth, checking her phone. “Oh my God, MJ,” I squealed, “that’s Edwidge Danticat!”

“Would you like me to take her picture with you?” MJ asked me.

I don’t think I answered audibly, just nodded emphatically. Danticat is a gracious person. She posed for the photo with me, and listened to me babble at her about my enthusiasm for her non-fiction book  Create Dangerously, which I’ve just finished reading.

She posed, not just for one, but for two pictures, and I will tell you, no one on earth smells nicer than Edwidge Danticat—at least to my nose.


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