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Annie Borgard: Interview with a Model

With her two weeks old baby-like complexion, lovely 5’4 figure, Annie Borgard is taking the modeling world by storm. Scratch that…she’s taking the modeling world at hurricane speed. Except that she’s not likely to leave any damage behind her. The 23-year old Haiti-born beauty, who left her homeland at 16 to join her family in the United States, is studying international relations—but modeling is clearly an ardent passion. Borgard got her start in modeling about two years ago, when a friend of hers, a student of photography, started to use her as a subject for her photographs. The friend submitted the photos that she took of Borgard to a photography contest. The entry didn’t garner a prize for Borgard’s friend, but someone from John Casablanca Modeling School had a glimpse at the photos, and invited Borgard to a seminar. Upon enrollment and subsequent graduation from the school, Borgard garnered some assignments, and has been modeling ever since. How do you define beauty? Beauty… The moment you think you know wh[at] it is, along comes someone else with a different definition. There may be [a] standard [of] what beauty ought to be, but the moment you find yourself bound by those standards, you’re no longer able to define beauty. It’s like canvas; let the artist paint your beauty.

What would you say has been your most memorable modeling assignment? It has to be Miami Fashion Week: Haiti A La Mode Show. I loved my outfit, the crowd and everything.

What was special about the crowd at Miami Fashion Week? It was my first big fashion show ever. I was overwhelmed, the moment I stepped on the runway the crowd started cheering and I got so many compliments about my look, hair style and body structure. My body happened to be toned naturally, and believe it or not I don’t exercise or even am on any kind of special [diet]. What was it like getting prepared for such a big fashion event? Well, I was nervous. [This] being my first show [I] didn’t really know what was going to happen—being backstage with a lot of experienced models. I had a lot of what ifs on my mind, but it turned out to be a a great show. Met a lot of important people in the industry too.

You’re also an actress. What’s the best part about the two careers? It’s one and the same; I love both. The best part to me is cameras. I love being in front of cameras.

Some girls, some young women sometimes have a hard time loving their bodies. What have you learned in your journey as an individual that you’d like to share with other females out there? To other women, it may come in different ways. It’s a journey of self discovery. If you don’t know what you have, you can’t really tell when others praise you. There was a time, I didn’t feel so good about my own body. I didn’t know why; I simply didn’t. It took a friend to slowly allow me to discover that I have an amazing body.

Do you have any words of wisdom for some of the aspiring models out there? To any young aspiring model, the road ahead doesn’t and won’t get much easy…Still that shouldn’t be stopping you from reaching your goals and [nurturing your] dreams. Rejection is something that comes with the modeling industry at times. How do you handle it? Rejection is common in all walks of life—especially in modeling. It gets much harder and tougher to accept. Modeling exudes and embraces beauty, elegance, style So when you’re told you’re neither have style, beauty and elegance after striving to leave shyness behind. It hurts.

Do you consider yourself a fashionable person? I consider myself very fashionable otherwise I wouldn’t get into this field.

How do you put an outfit together? What makes a great outfit? Any outfit is about taste. Fashion is a volatile thing; nothing is hot for too long except the classic two dresses, red and black that every closet should have. As far as what makes a great outfit it’s all about how you feel. Whenever one too many eyes are fixated on you, you either doing it or—.

In terms of your career, where do you see yourself?  I have dreams and a lot of things to accomplish. If I can make a difference through modeling along the way while realizing my dreams, I couldn’t ask for more. Y

our complexion is practically flawless, any beauty secrets? None in particular; I am blessed or I could thank my parents and family.


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