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100+ Reasons to Love Being a Badass Black Girl

Dear Badass Black Girl,

I'll share with you 100+ reasons why I love being a Black girl.

What are yours?

Black is beautiful | the strength of generations | our brilliance |our strength and vulnerability | our sassiness and rhythm | our strength and resilience | Black girl grit and sisterhood | our courage, wisdom, and love | cocoa skin | natural curls | we’re a tribe | our depth, breadth, beauty, and brightness | we triumph over adversity | our rich perspectives | our natural strength and poise| our aptitude for activism | our unparalleled elegance | shoulders squared and heads up high, even in the face of oppression | no matter what, we survive and thrive | our power and knowledge| we’re proud, strong people | our deep-rooted culture | our collective sense of humor | Black is movement | our sense of community | our unparalleled joy |our innate sensibility | we’re so lit all the time | we’re beautiful and determined | the strength and power in our DNA | our unbreakable spirit | we defy expectations | we lift each other up | we’re sound and versatile | we’re beautifully and colorfully complex | we’re powerful, multifaceted | our collective perseverance and strength | the language of our rhythm and music is universal | our brilliance | we innovate and overcome | we break through boundaries | our strength, courage, and determination | we’re trendsetters and taste-makers | Black is IT | we’re a multitude, not a monolith | we’re expansive in our thoughts, interests, creativity, and actions | that there is no one way to live out my Blackness | Black Girl Magic | we’re fabulous | we are creators | our skin glows bright | we wear color, patterns, and texture with style | we rock hairstyles like crowns | our history of triumph, perseverance, and dignity | we are true warriors | our strength | we create some awesome, rad sh*t | we are demanding | we believe in our own dignity | the tenacity and creativity of Black women | our dance moves | our resilience | we’re so talented, passionate, gifted, magical, and beautiful | we embody a myriad of colors, cultures, wisdom, struggles, experiences, and joy by just existing, and we do so with pride | we’re “powerful beyond measure,” as the Maya Angelou quote goes | we transcend anything this world throws at us | Black is UNITED | we celebrate our beauty together | we have skin that glistens and caramelizes in the sun |we change narratives and build nations | strong and beautiful | we keep an eye out for one another | the gift of being loud (because quiet doesn’t always get the job done) | we’re creators and originators | melanin is a gift from God |we’re the mothers of humanity and the heroes of the American nation | our hair is a crown that stands tall | Black is MY choice | we share stories of survival | we are beautiful | we are free | we are the backbone and muscle of the church | our hair | Black is rebellion | no one can have your back like another Black woman | Black women are gorgeous (incomparably) | my natural hair is an exquisite crown | our skin tones are exquisitely beautiful in EVERY shade! | we are exquisite from the inside out | my extra bit of sassiness | our rhythm | locs and natural hair

Did you actually count the reasons? LOL, I didn't.




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