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Raising Confident Black Kids (Cover)-03.


  • Happy, Okay? (Books & Books Press, 2019)

  • A Sky the Color of Chaos (Beating Windward, 2015)







  • A History of Sisterhood (2011). M.J. Fievre finds out that the trick when you’re under attack is to pretend you’re dead.

  • And all the Gods are Satisfied  (2010).  M.J. Fievre finally understands that her father wants some guys to perform an exorcism to drive spirit cats away.

  • April Fools (2011). M.J. Fievre is dragged to a classroom by the ear and is afraid that she’s about to be spanked with a wooden ruler.

  • Becoming Abby (2013)

  • Bones (2010). MJ Fievre ponders on her fascination with bones and death.

  • Couscous (2010). A story about cooking and love (2010)

  • Cycle (2010). How do you survive the cycle of bipolar disorder? Watch the Youtube Video. M.J. Fievre reads at Lip Service, Jan. 16, 2010 at Books & Books, Coral Gables.

  • Foreshocks (2011). M.J. Fievre needs a face to hold on to. She wants to look an unknown person in the eye, past her own incoherent grief, her own futility.

  • Jungle Juice (2011). In which M.J. Fievre handles tornado sirens, Midwestern snacks, midnight escapes, and the obscure ploy to trespass and skinny dip in a pool.

  • Losing It (2011). In which M.J. Fievre is believed to be a spy.

  • No Fancy Drawers (2010). M.J. Fievre, the drama queen, tries to grow some nerves. But she is disturbed by her sudden, uncanny awareness of the oblivion that follows Death.

  • One Shirtless Man Too Many (2010). When M.J, opens the door to her house, a shirtless guy welcomes her. Some dude she doesn’t even know, who’s petting her dog. How much can you take from your (shirtless) roommates?

  • Saving April (2014). April shows M.J. her cuts. Small razor cuts spread on her arm. She’s managed to shape some of them like stick houses—triangles atop squares.

  • Watching the Phoenix (2010). M.J. Fievre remembers Haiti, six months after the earthquake. On January 12, when the earth broke up, shouting, crushing its fists on houses, lives and futures, what happened to the shoe shiner?

  • What the Voices Say (2013). “Accepting the PTSD diagnosis would be denying the possibility that the voice Nayu hears is real. It would be denying the existence of ghosts. It would be denying Etienne.”

  • When I was Mexican (2011). ¡Ole! M.J. Fievre discovers that she’s Mexican.

  • The Wild Ride (2011). M.J. Fievre knows she’s not big enough or strong enough to force the horse to stop; the mare hardly feels her hands tugging so desperately at the bit and the animal settles into a lumbering gallop toward the school church.



  • After the Earthquake , in Survivor Chronicles (2010). A nonfiction Haiti volunteering experience published on Survivor Chronicles.

  • Cycle: A Story in Four Parts about Bipolar Disorder, in Badass, Lip Service: True Stories. The Double Album. (Lominy Books, 2014). Edited by Andrea Askowitz. IN PRINT.

  • Foreshocks, in The Heart of All That Is: Reflections on Home (Holy Cow Press, 2013), edited by Jim Perlman, Deborah Cooper, Mara Hart, and Pamela Mittlefehldt. IN PRINT.

  • Leaving, in The Caribbean Writer (2011). A true story about leaving Haiti. IN PRINT.

  • On the Balcony, in The Southeast Review (2011). Finalist of The Southeast Review’s 2010 World’s Best Short Short Story Contest, judged by Robert Olen Butler. The author shares her first-hand experience with the macoute hunt after Baby Doc left Haiti in the late 80s. IN PRINT

  • Shriveled in C4 (2011). M.J. Fievre battles her fear of cancer. ALSO AVAILABLE IN PRINT.

  • The Other Papa, in The Beautiful Anthology, (TNB Books, 2012). IN PRINT.



  • I am Riding! Edited by Edwidge Danticat. Illustrated by Jean P. Icart-Pierre. Published by One Moore Book (2013). IN PRINT.




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